Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Christmas Gift

Here are a few pictures of the book I made for my mom for a Christmas present.....

I did a 6X9 album but instead of just 6X9 pages I also did 6X6 pages and 4X6 pages in it. So I think that it looked a lot better with more dimension this way. I don't know if this comes across on the screen though.

This is very blurry but I wanted to show a 4X6 layer under it is a 6X6 page and than a 6X9 page

This is the 6X6 page over the 6X9

This is the back of the 6X6 page

Sorry the pics are so blurry but I can't get better ones tonight.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and will have a safe new year!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Did you guess? & a crafty week in review

Well I totally forgot to take a picture of the final product because we were rushing to get the delivered all in one night to all the close friends we have here.

I made "Christmas cookie kits" The were small pizza boxes with a dozen homemade sugar cookies, than a container of homemade frosting, and two types of frosting. those three things were stacked together put in a cellophane bag ted with Christmas ribbon and a cute tag. The pizza box had a strip of paper on them with a circle label.

So cute!! I can't believe I forgot to take pictures. I totally didn't think about it until we got home and they were all gone!

So that was Sunday night and Monday.

Monday I also worked on Chocolate Popcorn

So easy and SOOOOOOO TASTY!! A few more friends and family got these.....

On Monday, I also finished up 7 of the "Pink Spatula" at least thought I did.....some of the tabs fell out so i am re-thinking that plan.

Tuesday brought school for the boys and speech so i ran around all morning trying to get some shopping done. That night I made all 65 of our Christmas cards. I ended up doing one shown in a blog from early in the month. The brown and blue with the snowflake pullout. I put the boys picture on the front of the pullout with the letter on the back. My husband was in charge of the letter so it is more of a list, but it works. All the cards just got sent on Thursday. but they are out before the big day so that is good enough for me.

Wednesday night I finished teacher gifts ( dvd tin with notepad inside with a matching pen) i did 7 of those. (Look on Jen's blog, I think she has pictures of her's there she is the simplycaffiented blog. )

Thursday was more shopping and making frosting for cub scout party. We did gingerbread trains for that one.

Friday was more class parties, shopping, cleaning for company to arrive on Saturday and finishing up an album for a gift. I'll post pics after i give the gift away.

When do I sleep.......i don't. But after the holiday I will be. I can't wait!

Have a great holiday and be merry and safe!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Time Just Flies

So it has been too long since I wrote. So sorry.

But I have been getting on track with Christmas stuff.

Shopping for the kids and presents I have to mail.....done.

Best friend presents.......done.

Gifts for my Primary teachers at church...done.

Completed and shipped a card order......done.

Christmas decor around the house.......finally done.

Boy, it feels great to list what is finished, but I still have a lot of half done stuff and only a few days to get it all done.

I am making a recipe book for a dear friend to try to raise money for her mother who has breast cancer. So I will post those in the coming days. I only have a bit to finish on those. But I LOVE IT! They named it "the Pink Spatula" so I did it in pinks and browns. SO CUTE!!

I just am starting my family's Christmas cards tonight!! YIKES! I usually have them out by the 1st of the month but it was another thing but on the back burner. So I will be card making a lot in the next 2 days!

So here are a few photos of what I had my family doing tonight. Tomorrow night I will show you the final product so here are a few teaser photos.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pay It Forward

So on another blog that I stalk, she has the great idea of paying it forward.

So here is where the fun for you comes in. You must have a blog to participate & if you are one of the first 3 to leave a comment here, you agree to “pay it forward” to 3 others on YOUR blog (please leave me a link to your blog in your comment, so I can contact you). I hope a few of you will play along. The first three that wish to participate & leave a comment here, will be receiving some crafty/stamping goodies from me.

Go ahead and post something here and start paying it forward on your blog! What a great way to give during the holidays!!

Happy Tuesday....and I'll post again to show you some of the stuff i am working on!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Very Simple Christmas Card

Well I have gotten the crafting bug and have been making Christmas gifts this week. I have been painting, scrapbooking, sewing, cooking.......lots of different projects. My problem seems to be that I just keep starting new projects and not finishing any of them. So the goal for tonight is to finish one set of gifts. I am a mass producing kind of gal so I make more than one of everything when I make stuff, (except for scrapbooks) so this causes more stress because I have piles of unfinished sets of things. So tonight I vow to finish one project completely. My scrap space is covered and I made just enough room to fit the laptop here too.
So this is another Christmas card made with my cuttlebug. I don't think I can make cards that don't use the cuttlebug anymore. I love it!! All I do is emboss with it and I can't get enough! I am so glad that I broke down and got it (with a 50% off coupon from Michael's).
So I hope everyone is making progress in the Christmas decorating, cooking, shopping and crafting part of life. Side note----I wanted to try out some new holiday recipes before the big day so I made peppermint fudge on Monday, good but not my favorite. But it was a large recipe so I sent half with my husband to work and I think his office is going to love my new recipe tryouts b/c I will be sending in half of everything as to not eat it all ourselves. NO ONE in his office every brings in treats so they were all in chocoate heaven! Besides I know I will make our favorites again for gift giving to neighbors and other church friends. So there will be more on the way for sure.
happy Wednesday!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Pullout Card

Here is another Christmas card. I love the stamp--another Michael's dollar stamp. The font is so clean and simple! This card actually pulls open on using the little circle.

I designed it for a client as one of several she could chose from, this one didn't make the cut. The one she choose is beautiful and elegant.....but I won't share so she can mail them out knowing others haven't seen it before
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thursday!

So I am really looking forward to Saturday......why?
Because I get to sleep in. I hate it when my boys have a week off of school and then we have to go back again. They just figured out to sleep in by the end of the week and then we are off to 630 am wake ups for school again. All I want is to sleep until 8am. I remember the days of sleeping until noon and for some reason that is really hard now probably because of two noisy boys who need "breakfast in the morning" (my 5 year old hates when we have breakfast for dinner because as he says "breakfast in the morning is how it is supposed to be"........cute but sometimes I need pancakes for dinner.)

But moving's a card for today.
It is one I did for a swap a few months ago. It was a bug/animal themed swap and it took forever to come up with something (I might have CASE'd it from SCS but I don't remember now).
It is very true to my style lately.....white card stock, simple and very straightforward. I never thought I would like white cards but I seem to make more all the time.
The bug is a SU stamp and the words are a stamp from the dollar section at Michael's.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Time Has Come......for Christmas Crafting!

These are what I have been working on tonight. I am on the teacher appreciation committee for my boys' school and December is my month to do something for the teachers and these are what they are getting for Christmas from the parents association. I totally copied my dear card making friend, Jen M, down to the black bows I tied on front!! She made a bunch of these for our craft fair about a month ago and they sold out! I love simple and just my style. They are some Martha Stewart cards from Michael's and some of my dollar stamps from the same place. One of the greatest things about these is that they were on clearance for a dollar a pack and each pack had 8 cards with envelopes to match. This batch is a peach color, and some are scalloped edged and others are eyelet edged. I love them.....and I hope not everyone sees this b/c they are also some gifts for some great dear friends who i know will appreciate them!

I hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend. I am so excited for Christmas and we already have started decorating the house. Two trees are up and decorated. I need to work on the rest of the decor but I am waiting until the boys go back to school so I can get it done faster!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


So it's been a busy cooking day for me. We have had a great day and hope that all of you have had a wonderful holiday! I love to think about all the things I am thankful great husband, two wonderful boys, house, food, my church calling, my friends, the choice we have made for me to be a stay at home mom, and the cold winter weather.

It has finally turned cold here and I am loving it. I love to wake up with the chill in the air and the urge to not get out of bed because of that chill. I love sweaters and sweatshirts, "cold food" which to everyone else is "comfort food" (one of mine is hot chocolate), and to stay home and be all cozy! It finally feels like Christmas is really coming!

Another Christmas card to share. I love my cuttlebug and only use it to emboss. Another card that was embossed and very simple. I think the embossing dresses up any old card. And I combined it with my favorite Christmas colors of navy and white. My Christmas tree is decorated with silver navy and white, and so is my table for Christmas dinner. i just love those colors for Christmas (and they happened to be the colors of my wedding over 10 years ago....I just realized that.......very funny!)

And I will try to update my blog more just seems to get away from me!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Metal Magnetic Board

So I have a friend who suggested I make something that she could hang in her kitchen to use as a magnet board since her fridge isn't magnetic. This was when I was brainstorming for stuff to sell at the craft show. So here it is. I am giving it to her tomorrow for a late birthday gift and hope she doesn't read this blog entry before I see her in the morning.

It was surprisingly easy to make after found the metal at Home Depot. My dear husband cut the wood in the garage and cutting the metal was so cut with my regular everyday scissors. I was very surprised about that. I painted it black, used metal glue and used rubons to give it that personal touch. My husband drilled two holes which I threaded thick ribbon through. She can hang it with the ribbon, at least that is what I am thinking.
I love this and think I will make some for Christmas gifts....easy fun and very inexpensive when my husband has all the wood in the garage.
Hope all of you had a great weekend!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

New paper love

So I hit one of my lss in town tonight and I found more patterned paper to love! I just can't help myself when I see all that paper. It is so hard to pick out just a few pieces. And i have to have even numbers of each kind I like so I often buy 4 now so I can use 2 and save 2. Crazy? Yes but I figure this addiction is better than an other ones I could have. Tonight I found a really pretty SEI Christmas paper. And I found new Chatterbox papers which is my all time favorite lines of paper! Lots of the paper i bought screams out card to me....but I am trying to find paper that would be perfect for a lake album and another set of papers for a beach album. But tonight nothing said beach or lake to me. Oh well....just need to keep visiting lss around me I suppose.

Tonight I will share another Christmas card. This is also much better in real life. I used Autumn Leaves Florishes stamps and then used Fine SU beads to cover some of the florishes. It is so pretty---I really love it. It isn't a true read card but SU's cranberry.....another favorite color.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blocks and Sewing (not mine though)

So this is the picture I was trying to upload the last time.....but this time it worked.....obviously.

So these are the blocks I am "in love" with. They are made with my favorite papers and I love that I can make so many phrases with them. I am so happy to share them with everyone. In all there are 15 blocks so sometimes you use them all and sometimes just a few. I try to turn the unused ones to blank sides and use on the ends.

I even love the way they look when they are randomly jumbled together on the table. I am also finding that they are fun for my boys to use for spelling practice. Crafty cute and educational! Never have gotten all of those three things into one of my craft projects before. I love it when that happens.

So today my mother in law was here sewing. I wish I could sew. I love the patterns. I love to walk through a fabric store and touch fabrics and imagine what "it could be." One day I will learn to sew. For now I buy fabric, hoard it until my mother in law has time to sew and I ask her to sew them together for baby blankets. Two summers ago she taught me to crochet the edges and it looks so good! It is my favorite baby shower gift! These are two she finished sewing for me. I usually do a different front and back pattern.

This is the pile of material I having waiting to have finished edges on them so I can start the edging.

My favorites are the polka dots and the stripe that matches it. I got enough of that to make two blankets.

But I can't complain that she only got a few finished today because she was also sewing my son's Indian costume for his Thanksgiving Day at school on Friday. She did it with out a pattern and just with what we described to her....that is AMAZING to me! I didn't know even where to start on his costume and bought enough material to make two b/c i KNEW I would have to start over again after I would cut the material wrong or sew something together that wasn't supposed to me.

So today I wasn't all that crafty but I watched an amazing person sew together lots of material for me and a costume that looks great and that my boy is proud to wear.....and actually looks like an Indian (it would have been if-y if I would have had to do it!)

have a great day!

Monday, November 12, 2007


So I was trying to blog about my blocks that I love that I made for the Craft Show.....but I can't get any pictures up so I'll save that for tomorrow.

Christmas! Okay so I am really far behind where I usually am at this time in the year. I have a new position in my church so I am so involved in that and I am just running around trying to keep up with everything else I am doing that I have nothing done. I am starting to stress. I have bought three tiny stocking stuffers for my sister and that is it!!! (Yes I need to use lots of exclamation marks for this.)

I need to get going. I finally started my list today. I have a whole notebook dedicated to the holiday. I started with the easy part--Christmas dinner, Christmas Eve dinner, and Christmas morning breakfast. Food always is easy to figure out. So at least I know what I'll make and what I need to buy for all of that.

Now listing gifts and who we give to this year is different. It all seems very overwhelming when I write down all the names of who we give to this year and realize nothing is purchased and some of them I have no idea what to buy! And then some have to be shipped out so I really have to get on top of it.

Okay just writing it all makes it sound harder. I need to just get moving and get something finished. I think I'll start with neighbor gifts and church people gifts. I have great ideas for those but I need to make one to see if they will work out how I want them too.

So I close this post with......start crafting everyone or time will run out!! I'm sure it will for me!!

And I'll figure out what is wrong so I can post some Pictures tomorrow!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Table at the Craft Show

So here is a picture of the table (thanks Jennie!) I had at the craft fair about a week ago. A lot of stuff so it is a bit cluttered looking but I was really going for that full look. My favorite things I had were the blocks with the letters on them. There were 15 blocks with letters on 4 sides of each block. You could make around 25-30 phrases with them. (I sold NONE!! so sad). My other favorite things were the small frames with letters in them (out of those my fav was the FAMILY one). I'll have to get more paper to make one for myself.

Since the fair I haven't had to craft and am having a hard time getting back into the groove again. I made a set of cards for a friend for her birthday on Friday but that is as far as I have gotten. I am also feeling a bit intimidated by thinking about the two scrapbooks i need to finish for Christmas presents. LOTS of pictures and I'm not sure what I'm going to do for colors or what patterned paper I'll use. I just need to make those decisions and I am hoping the groove will come back.

Well I think this blogging thing is fun so far. I am hoping to post daily so we'll see how that works out. If I don't you'll know my day was a bit crazy and the computer wasn't the first thing I could get to after dinner.

Have a great week!!

Another Christmas Card

This is another card from the craft fair. It is a "non traditional" colored card, but I like it. The picture isn't so great....I can't get the colors right no matter how i take it. So here it is, hope you can make out the colors allright. It's dark brown with pinks and whites.
Sometimes I find something that i really like, like this paper which I saved from last Christmas, and I can't bear to cut into it. But I am learning that it is just paper and i buy at least 3 sheets so I can cut 2 and hoard one if I really need too.

Supplies.....bazzill cardstock, Pebbles in my Pocket run ons, joanns craft essentials, SU pink ink, and snowflake stamp (I don't know what brand)

Happy Crafting!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Christmas Card

So last weekend I was part of a Craft fair and this is one of the cards I was selling. Everytime I would make another card for the fair I would fall in love with it and want to keep it for my family's christmas card. But I'm not doing that. I'm going to come up with something else....I better get started soon!

I used Stampin up paper and SU white craft ink, silver eyelets, my cuttlebug and a PaperTreyInk set in making this card.

Have a happy day!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Okay so here I am in the blogging world!

Let me explain my blog name "It could be a..." So when I see patterened paper I often think, "That could be a birthday card" or whatever that paper brings to mind. I can drive my husband crazy by seeing patterns on tv, or at Target and telling him "That could be the best scrapbook paper." To which he rolls his eyes, or tells me "too bad it is a (book, curtain, towel, tshirt or whatever it is in real life)." So that is it. My blog title is all about what crafty thing i could make out of what i see.

I am hoping to use this blog to share my newest cards and paper crafts. I hope you all enjoy what i have made and get some creative juices from my ideas.