Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Christmas Gift

Here are a few pictures of the book I made for my mom for a Christmas present.....

I did a 6X9 album but instead of just 6X9 pages I also did 6X6 pages and 4X6 pages in it. So I think that it looked a lot better with more dimension this way. I don't know if this comes across on the screen though.

This is very blurry but I wanted to show a 4X6 layer under it is a 6X6 page and than a 6X9 page

This is the 6X6 page over the 6X9

This is the back of the 6X6 page

Sorry the pics are so blurry but I can't get better ones tonight.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and will have a safe new year!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Did you guess? & a crafty week in review

Well I totally forgot to take a picture of the final product because we were rushing to get the delivered all in one night to all the close friends we have here.

I made "Christmas cookie kits" The were small pizza boxes with a dozen homemade sugar cookies, than a container of homemade frosting, and two types of frosting. those three things were stacked together put in a cellophane bag ted with Christmas ribbon and a cute tag. The pizza box had a strip of paper on them with a circle label.

So cute!! I can't believe I forgot to take pictures. I totally didn't think about it until we got home and they were all gone!

So that was Sunday night and Monday.

Monday I also worked on Chocolate Popcorn

So easy and SOOOOOOO TASTY!! A few more friends and family got these.....

On Monday, I also finished up 7 of the "Pink Spatula" at least thought I did.....some of the tabs fell out so i am re-thinking that plan.

Tuesday brought school for the boys and speech so i ran around all morning trying to get some shopping done. That night I made all 65 of our Christmas cards. I ended up doing one shown in a blog from early in the month. The brown and blue with the snowflake pullout. I put the boys picture on the front of the pullout with the letter on the back. My husband was in charge of the letter so it is more of a list, but it works. All the cards just got sent on Thursday. but they are out before the big day so that is good enough for me.

Wednesday night I finished teacher gifts ( dvd tin with notepad inside with a matching pen) i did 7 of those. (Look on Jen's blog, I think she has pictures of her's there she is the simplycaffiented blog. )

Thursday was more shopping and making frosting for cub scout party. We did gingerbread trains for that one.

Friday was more class parties, shopping, cleaning for company to arrive on Saturday and finishing up an album for a gift. I'll post pics after i give the gift away.

When do I sleep.......i don't. But after the holiday I will be. I can't wait!

Have a great holiday and be merry and safe!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Time Just Flies

So it has been too long since I wrote. So sorry.

But I have been getting on track with Christmas stuff.

Shopping for the kids and presents I have to mail.....done.

Best friend presents.......done.

Gifts for my Primary teachers at church...done.

Completed and shipped a card order......done.

Christmas decor around the house.......finally done.

Boy, it feels great to list what is finished, but I still have a lot of half done stuff and only a few days to get it all done.

I am making a recipe book for a dear friend to try to raise money for her mother who has breast cancer. So I will post those in the coming days. I only have a bit to finish on those. But I LOVE IT! They named it "the Pink Spatula" so I did it in pinks and browns. SO CUTE!!

I just am starting my family's Christmas cards tonight!! YIKES! I usually have them out by the 1st of the month but it was another thing but on the back burner. So I will be card making a lot in the next 2 days!

So here are a few photos of what I had my family doing tonight. Tomorrow night I will show you the final product so here are a few teaser photos.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pay It Forward

So on another blog that I stalk, she has the great idea of paying it forward.

So here is where the fun for you comes in. You must have a blog to participate & if you are one of the first 3 to leave a comment here, you agree to “pay it forward” to 3 others on YOUR blog (please leave me a link to your blog in your comment, so I can contact you). I hope a few of you will play along. The first three that wish to participate & leave a comment here, will be receiving some crafty/stamping goodies from me.

Go ahead and post something here and start paying it forward on your blog! What a great way to give during the holidays!!

Happy Tuesday....and I'll post again to show you some of the stuff i am working on!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Very Simple Christmas Card

Well I have gotten the crafting bug and have been making Christmas gifts this week. I have been painting, scrapbooking, sewing, cooking.......lots of different projects. My problem seems to be that I just keep starting new projects and not finishing any of them. So the goal for tonight is to finish one set of gifts. I am a mass producing kind of gal so I make more than one of everything when I make stuff, (except for scrapbooks) so this causes more stress because I have piles of unfinished sets of things. So tonight I vow to finish one project completely. My scrap space is covered and I made just enough room to fit the laptop here too.
So this is another Christmas card made with my cuttlebug. I don't think I can make cards that don't use the cuttlebug anymore. I love it!! All I do is emboss with it and I can't get enough! I am so glad that I broke down and got it (with a 50% off coupon from Michael's).
So I hope everyone is making progress in the Christmas decorating, cooking, shopping and crafting part of life. Side note----I wanted to try out some new holiday recipes before the big day so I made peppermint fudge on Monday, good but not my favorite. But it was a large recipe so I sent half with my husband to work and I think his office is going to love my new recipe tryouts b/c I will be sending in half of everything as to not eat it all ourselves. NO ONE in his office every brings in treats so they were all in chocoate heaven! Besides I know I will make our favorites again for gift giving to neighbors and other church friends. So there will be more on the way for sure.
happy Wednesday!!