Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Scrap Shelving

My husband's work was getting rid of some cabinets etc so we brought one home for the scrapbook room. I am loving that I can see so much stuff. Before everything was in drawers and shoved in the closet. Now I can see it all. There are two deep shelves on the bottom.
And then I have a small cabinet with three drawers, the bottom one being a filing cabinet drawer so I put all my 8X11.5 paper in that one.

I think I will end up painting it black and I will love it even more than.

The picture is crooked but I'm tired and I'm not fixing it tonight.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Teacher Gift

As you know by now I am the appointed person for our school's teacher appreciation committee. My committee is me and on e other mom. our budget is low like next to nothing so I make a lot of what we give the teachers.We aim to do something once a month.

With September quickly coming to a close I needed to get something out so yesterday I slaved over the hot oven making apple bread in mini bundt pans. and then we added the invite for the teacher luncheon for next month. Tie it up with a fun bow and it was done. They love food and I love apple bread so it was a great reason to cook!

Follow up on Believe candle thing

A few people have asked where they can get these....well you can't. at least I don't know where you can get them. We made them at a craft day for church. If you are really daring you can have someone cut the vinyl letters for you and adhere them to the blocks after painting them black. If you want to do that I will be happy to measure the block sizes for you.
Sorry...not much help am I?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

top 10 favorite things in my house

One of my favorite blogs is "Tip Junkie" and on Tuesday she was/is doing a show me the top 10 favorite things in your here are my 1o....

1. In my boys bathroom there is this on the wall over the towels. Both my kids when they were little...I love pictures in rooms that show things that happened in that room

2. Flowers...I am "keeping" this for a great friend until she wants it far it has been here for about 1 1/2 years I think. And it fits in perfect in my house.

3. This mirror. We got it as a wedding gift from a family friend. It has always had a great place in all of the places we have lived. One day my "fancy" living room with be based around this mirror.

4. My Small hall...with a picture wall. It took a long time to figure out what should go on this wall and I love this look. Some of the frames still need pictures and I am tempted to add more frames

5. More pictures. These hang in the back of my house. one is me and my boys at a waterfall we hiked to on Oahu. the other is our family on the beach. I have a third to find a frame for that is my husband and boys in front of a frozen over waterfall in Canada one winter. But they don't make this frame anymore so I have to get 3 that match.

6. This is the shelves my husband built for me. They fit perfectly in the spot he built them for! I have loved these for a few years now. He HAD to build one for me to fit my 12X12 albums in since I couldn't find one that I liked with the fit dimensions.

7. Both these canvases also hang I my house. One for each boy. It is a blurry picture but IRL they are pretty cute!

8. My scrap picture b/c it is a mess but I love the space to do projects and not put them away when it is time to eat.

9. My two little boys-no this isn't in my house but it is one of the only pictures i can find that they both look good in

10. our family

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Name
LogoThere are
or fewer people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I thought this was fun and thought you might too.


So this past Friday I went to a Super Saturday (yes it was on Friday but i don't remember the clever name they came up with for it) and was able to make a few crafts there. It brought back out that craftiness I have been missing. Sometimes I just need to do someone Else's craft and not have to think of the idea all by myself. I like to be able to see something I like, buy the kit and make it all in about an hour.
When I saw this across the room, I knew I needed one. I just had to paint the blocks black, rub one the vinyl lettering and tie a easy and fun. Plus I got to be with two great friends while we all painted and had fun.

The hardest part was rubbing the vinyl on the candle...that took the longest and was the part I hated, but doesn't it look good?

Happy Monday!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th....7 years ago

I've been thinking about if I should post today and what I should post. It is a hard one. My blog here is for card making and being crafty But I would feel badly if I didn't acknowledge this day and all those we as a nation lost on this day 7 years ago.

7 years seems like just yesterday but than I look at my 8 year old and remember that he was just a baby and I was waking up to his cries that morning. It was back in the day when we had just one car and that day my baby had a well check so I was planning on dropping off my husband at work. We were (and are still) living in Las Vegas, but I claim DC as my home and it is where my parents still live. In fact my dad has worked in the pentagon for years ever since we moved to DC when I was a kid. So we were waking up to hearing the "news" planes hitting the first tower, watching the first tower fall seeing the 2nd plane hit than hearing that the White House was being evacuated and that the pentagon had been hit.

That is when my heart really was hurting before and I was stunned but when they said the pentagon I could feel my heart drop into my stomach. I remember looking at my husband and him saying "he's not there don't worry...he's not there" meaning my Dad. I knew that my Dad wasn't traveling that day, and I knew he was there. I just kept staring at the tv. But my husband HAD to go to work. I had to take him across town. We had a cell phone and on the 45 minute drive we turned on talk radio and listened to the 2nd tower fall we got to his work and they were all watching the tv there. The whole ride I called my parents house and their cell phone but all circuits were busy and the one time I got threw no one was home.

I left my husband at work and had to get gas, while I was filling up the phone was my Dad....he had heard the plane hit he had run out to help and he saw the aftermath, but the MPs at the pentagon were sending everyone home and trying to get control of the "crime scene" By the time I talked to him he was

I think of that day every time I fly. I think of it when I go home to DC and we drive past the pentagon. I think of it when I hear "special reports" come across the tv screen. I don't think I'm waiting for it to happen again, but I am trying to be emotionally ready if it were to happen again.

The world is different. My boys know no other way of water, no juice, no liquids through security. they are experts at removing shoes, belts etc at the security gates and don't find it weird that our family can't walk us straight up to the gate anymore. They have seen pictures of the memorial lights in NYC and they know what happened there. It is very sad and hurts my heart that they can recount the parts of the "story" we have told them.

I pray for all those who lost their lives that day. I pray for their families and their friends who miss them daily. I pray for those serving our country now. I pray for their families that are missing them and are waiting for their loved one s to return from serving our country.

And I hope that none of us ever forget.

1., 2. explosion in the sky, 3. SEPT_11_0D7XW.jpg, 4. Blue light tribute, 5. In Memoriam, 6. WTC tribute in lights over Brooklyn Bridge

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well it has been awhile...Things are a bit busy in our home with school starting again and all the back to school drama and the schedule we now have to keep. (The drama is a bit of my own and mostly my 2nd son's but that's a whole different story:) We are getting back on track with school and trying to get to bed early since we have to be up so early (630 am--yuck yuck yuck..I am NOT a morning person) and this schedule thing is really cramping my crafting time. I am mostly crafty at night but I am as exhausted as my boys so I am in bed at 9 pm....9pm? yes I wrote that....hard for even me to believe.
Plus I have been working on two projects, both I am not showing b/c one is a friends invitation for her son's baptism so it is her's to show and plus she took them all when we got together to make them the other day. And the other is a project for church and I am just not comfortable showing other people's kids here without them saying I can and I am not asking all of them for that. So I am picture-less on the blog today and probably tomorrow. Sorry.
I'll make something to share this next week though!
Happy September!!
PS no matter what I do blogger won't space between my sorry it is hard to read!