Saturday, May 31, 2008

Preschool Books

So this was the last year of preschool in our household. Today was my little one's "graduation" and I was asked to make each child a memento from the year. I choose to make each child a preschool Friends mini book. Originally they were board books found in the dollar spot at target but with a little paper and glue they are now a preschool book.

They were pretty easy to make and with each child having pages it was a breeze to make 6 mini books. I asked each child some questions like "favorite color, snack, song, book, activity at school" and put those all in the book along with their picture. The last two pages are group shots one a very silly crazy shot taken on a field trip. My ds loved his book from the last year of preschool so i figured if they each had something that was their size without too much of the "extra sparkly stuff" (my ds' referring to ribbon, brads you know all those fun embellishments) that would make them all happy.

I also made a tag for each book and attached it to the outside of the baggie. I hope they all love it! All the paper is Making Memories (big lots find again) and the dymo label for the front.

We will miss preschool and all the friends we have made there but he is ready for kindergarten I just don't know if I am!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

So I Forgot to Take the Picture

This morning we got up late, and rushed around getting ready for awards day at school which means my 2nd grader has to wear his dress uniform (tie, white shirt belt and blue pants) which means I again have to remember to have my dh tie the tie the night before....I know they make zipper ties and clip ons but my son will not wear clip ons and the zipper ones are too small now!!

In all the rushing around I forgot to take some pictures of the last few teacher gifts i had. Basically it was the same as I post yesterday, different look for the notebook and I added a few gift certificates for some summer fun for his teacher.

So sorry~

So I'll share a card from last summer with you instead of the gift...

This is card the opens by pivoting on the brad....if that makes sense. It is NOT a folded card. I was in love with this style last summer and really liked it because it was different. But now I am back to folded cards. It has a funny glare on it in the picture that isn't there IRL. Th flower stamp is a random stamp someone gave me it has no label on it or anything else. But I love the flower just the same. the ink and paper are only orange from SU and the ribbon is American crafts.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

End of the Year Teacher Gift

Well today I sent my son in with his gift for his "specials" teacher since I suspect she won't be there for Awards Day tomorrow. And I have finally gotten smarter and took a picture this morning before I put it in his backpack.

So here it is.....

Our school has "America" in it's title so when I saw these cute stars at Micheal's yesterday I thought they would be great for the front of whatever I did. My son wanted to get her a box of chocolate but I can't just send in chocolate so the back reveals a covered notebook, just like the ones I like at Target but for only $1 at Big Lots!! So I covered the front and back with blue printed paper.

The inside of the notebook is covered in a blue and purple paisley which the pen is wrapped in. All the Paper is Making Memories paper along with the metal plaque.

I am going to do two more of these for the secretary and the classroom aide. Now I just need to figure out what to do for his hopefully I'll remember to take a picture of that one and be able to show you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Why? Because it has been a week and I am back to blog again. I hope that I can make it a regular thing to post at least once a week over the summer, you know how summer fun can get distracting!

Here is a card I made a few months ago. I love to find ways to use up my scraps of patterned paper and this card layout is one of those cards. I like the colors and the stamp is really nice too.

Friday is my 8 yo's last day of school... I can't believe it!! And next week is the last week of preschool for my 5 we will be partying summer up pretty soon!!

p.s. I just realized this card totally matches the 'new look' of my blog....I must really love these colors!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blog Neglect

So I am so guilty of blog neglect this past month! Our lives have been so busy I have no time to craft (gasp) let alone update this little blog of mine. I am hoping that as soon as school ends (6 days to go!!) that I will have more time at home so that will give me more time to craft. I have so many ideas floating in this little head of mine and hope to translate them into new projects, cards, and craft items for my own house.

This past month has brought tons of family to our house, a big luncheon, soccer games and practices (four days at the field a week) two field trips, teacher appreciation week ( that i am the committee head for in our school), jury duty and everything else life throws your way on a daily basis. So both our families (me and dh) came for our oldest son's baptism, I made invites for that and just finished the thank yous for him to write. So I am sharing the thank yous with you today.

They are made with a PTI set, dewdrop inks and that's it! This was my first chance to use this set that has been sitting around and I love it. It is a very simple one layer card, and I love the colors. I think this might be based on another card I have seen online, but I can't find it now. So I am sorry if you had this idea first or if I have cardlifted without knowing where from.

One last thing to share. I discovered bloglines this week, a great site that you can link all your blogs that you read online. So you don't have to check them daily it will tell you which have new posts so you don't have to scroll through every blog you love to find who has updated recently. I am loving this new find!! So if you are like me and love so many different blogs this can help cut down your time finding out who has a new post for the day. It is

Have a great week and I hope to be back in the next few days!!