Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

Wonder if I fell off the edge of the world?

Well I didn't. This year for my Mom's birthday we decided to throw a family surprise party so I have been doing that. Since my last blog I have been planning, creating, and than traveling and pulling off the surprise with my 4 siblings and their families.

It was a big to do since 3 of us live in the Mid-west now and my parents are in Washington DC. It was a lot of fun and Mom was surprised. Imagine driving up to a front porch full of your grandchildren, in which none of them live in the same town as you. She was happy and we were too.

So we did a bright table with pinwheels etc.
(picture taken before the kids climbed up and started "testing" everything out and before food was added on top of the rounds down the middle)

I did one pinwheel at home in Vegas and than showed two brothers and two sister in laws how to do it and they finished 11 more while I started cooking. So here is the pile before they got the straws hooked onto them.

We had lots of fun and now I'll try to get back to regular posts and crafting.

I couldn't post about the party in case Mom looked here and found out and that was all I was working on so sorry for not sharing earlier!


Jennie said...

oh my gosh! how fun! i am so glad that you were able to pull this surprise off!

my dad is turning 60 the end of this month and i wanted to do a big surprise thing for him... but none of his siblings or friends responded to my emails or calls... so i will just have to come up with something else fun for him...

the pinwheels are darling!

Jennie M said...

That table looks so fun and I love the pinwheels!! She must have been just thrilled to have you all there!! :)