Thursday, August 28, 2008

NieNie Love

So I'm taking a time out to ask you to help a blog-friend.
If you haven't read her blog before it is here at

Nie and her husband were in a serious plane crash in Arizona and are currently in a coma with burns all over their bodies. The pilot of the plane died (they were in a small private plane.) Some of you might have heard through other blogs and through the news in Utah and Arizona. You can read the news story here and here .
They, like me, are LDS and she is the mom to four young children. They are a young family with a love for each other like no other. Nie's blog has been one of my favorites for a long time and I loved to see what was happening in her world and to "hear" her thoughts on many things.
You can go to her sister's blog and read more of the story. She is keeping 3 of her sisters children and expects to have them for months. She is excellent at sharing and writing and seeing our Heavenly Father's love for her family and her sister and brother in law. She gives updates on Nie and the children for all of the small blogging world.
The point of this post is that there are some auctions happening in the blog world today and the next few days at various blogs. You can see the list at this blog....

This blogger decided she could help by organizing the blog world together to raise some money for Nie and her care that she is receiving. The bills will be huge and they are doing all they can to help Nie and her husband raise some some while they are in a coma and don't know what they are in for.
I hope that you can at least check out Nie's story and c jane's blog
and send a little prayer up for them if nothing else.
I'll return to regular blogging tomorrow!!
Thanks for helping out!!
ps I don't know how to do those fancy links so you get the
old school way at this blog!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Milk Cartons for teachers

Today was the first day back to school and that means that for my committee assignment I needed to bring the teachers a little snack for the first day with students. So here is what I took in this morning.
They didn't take too long. I downloaded the template and printed them straight onto the paper. They are filled with mini brownies with Reese's peanut butter cups in them....yummy!

I took the picture last night so the color is off and they aren't the best pictures but at least i remembered to take them this time. I only had 15 to make so this is a sampling of the papers I used. They are all papers out of the DCWV School Stack.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm Back!!!

So I've been a terrible blogger but now that we are ready for school to start tomorrow and we are all getting back on a schedule I think I'm going to be able to be blogging more. Our family is a summer family..late nights, sleeping in, do whatever whenever, eating dinner at 8pm because we decided to have ice cream at 530 pm instead of dinner, breakfast for lunch or snaking all day.
We really like the non-scheduled part of summer.

But school starts tomorrow and the scheduling is coming right back. I'm pulling out the calendar and my planner and my hubby's planner and getting us all back on schedule again.

With all of that scheduling I tend to organize too.

So the boys love to have their "own" money and love to save it up for Wii games or DS games, but they don't have wallets and don't
really want one so we found a couple jars for them. I wanted to
add their names on them so we weren't arguing over whose was whose so I pulled out my fancy (well not that fancy) rub ons from Making Memories.

And this is what the boys ended up with.....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

Wonder if I fell off the edge of the world?

Well I didn't. This year for my Mom's birthday we decided to throw a family surprise party so I have been doing that. Since my last blog I have been planning, creating, and than traveling and pulling off the surprise with my 4 siblings and their families.

It was a big to do since 3 of us live in the Mid-west now and my parents are in Washington DC. It was a lot of fun and Mom was surprised. Imagine driving up to a front porch full of your grandchildren, in which none of them live in the same town as you. She was happy and we were too.

So we did a bright table with pinwheels etc.
(picture taken before the kids climbed up and started "testing" everything out and before food was added on top of the rounds down the middle)

I did one pinwheel at home in Vegas and than showed two brothers and two sister in laws how to do it and they finished 11 more while I started cooking. So here is the pile before they got the straws hooked onto them.

We had lots of fun and now I'll try to get back to regular posts and crafting.

I couldn't post about the party in case Mom looked here and found out and that was all I was working on so sorry for not sharing earlier!