Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines for School

So I am trying to get a little head start on the things the boys need to bring in on Friday for Valentines Parties.

So Sunday we sat down and got their Valentines made.

Personally I hate the premade box of Valentine cards, and my boys don't seem to even miss giving them out, since we have always avoided that. Each year we make a little goody bag for their classmates.

This years has m&ms and an inflatable balloon. That needs a bit of explaining I think. I am a dollar store shopper when it comes to goody bags so we saw these cool bags that said "hit the bag and watch a balloon inflate." And they were valentine themed. So hoping they would really work i bought a ton of them for their classmates. We tried it and yes you have to hit it really hard and a few minutes later the bag explodes and out come a balloon. I think it will be a hit at school on Friday!

The circle stamp with words is a Micheals dollar stamp from last year, and the heart is from a SU set.